Baseline Assessment

The approved final document resides with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, along with other watershed management plans and documents on the Ct DEP website.

All Figures (maps pertaining to Sections 1-12)

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Study Area Description
Section 3 – Historical and Social Perspective
Section 4 – Natural Resources
Section 5 – Watershed Modifications
Section 6 – Water Quality
Section 7 – Land Use and Land Cover
Section 8 – Existing Watershed Practices
Section 9 – Pollutant Loading
Section 10 – Comparative Subwatershed Analysis


Appendix A) Wetlands Field Assessment

Appendix B) Species Lists
Appendix C) CT DEP Water Quality Monitoring Results
Appendix D Trinity College Water Quality Monitoring Results
Appendix E Pollutant Loading Analysis

Other Project Documents:

Field Assessment Report
Land Use Regulatory Review (DRAFT)
Watershed Management Plan

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    Baseline assessment ‘Historical and Social Perspective’ was updated in the final document.

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